The Exclusive Adirondacks Destination® Bracelet....

Bring home a memory of your Adirondack vacation.  The Adirondacks Destination Bracelet features two 14 karat wraps signifying the St. Lawrence River and Lake Champlain.  The "ADK" letters are surrounded by the symbols of striking mountain tops, emerald evergreen forests and sky scraping pine trees that flourish throughout the Adirondacks.  

Old Forge, New York
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Exclusive Adirondacks Destination® Rings, Earrings and pendant now available!  Click here to view.

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Snomobile Bead
Adirondack Destination Bracelet
Adirondack Hiker Bead
ADK Moose Bead  
ADK Kayaker 
$45 (Front & back shown.)
ADK "Country Roads" Bear Bead!  
Loon Bead  
ADK Cabin Bead  
Chair Bead
Loon with Mountain Charm, click to see all themes - $145
Sterling Silver - $140
Titanium  - $140
ADK Charm on bracelet ($122.50)
Pendants, small ($69.95) and large ($89.95). 
Tree of Life Collection
Tree of Life Bead
Sterling Silver Cable  - $190
ADK Mountains  - $120
ADK Cabin  - $120
ADK Loon  - $120
ADK Charm & Bracelet  - $122.50
ADK Deer  - $120
ADK Dragonfly  - $120
Adirondack Beads - $45
Tree of Life Bead  
ADK Hiker Bead  
Fall Bracelet    $308.45
(Only one left!)
Cardinal Bracelet    $268.45
Tuscany Bracelet    $259.35
Hydrangea Bracelet    $203.95
Lovely Lady Cornerstone Bracelet    $159.00
NEW! Loon Pendant     $69.95
with chain - $134.95
Spacer Beads
Acorn     $29.50
Blue Crystal    $29.50
White Crystal    $29.50
Pebbled Stopper   $20.00
White Crystal Spiral  $29.50
Blue Crystal Spiral  $29.50
Flowers Blue Crystal Bracelet    $159.00
Daisies White Crystal Bracelet    $159.00
NEW! Loon Pendant     $69.95
with chain - $134.95