Meet The Designers
Robin on Forsythia
Meet the Designers
Truda J. Mendenhall became fascinated with the beadmaking and said ''Let's paint some!'' She has since designed all of the intricately handpainted Fenton beads. Truda worked out all the technical specs to make our handpainted designs both beautiful and durable. Fenton is the only beadmaker creating handpainted beads using high-fired enamel paints, giving Fenton's handpainted beads unmatched design flexibility and strong durability.
Jena Lane Blair (left) designs our glass beads using remarkable, creative techniques. A beadmaking class seven years ago inspired her and she has been spinning beads nonstop ever since. Jena's can do attitude inspired us to form Fenton USA Beads. From our Carnival to Three Dimensional Beads, Jena's creativity sparkles!
Source: Fenton USA
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