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Green Carnival
Hand painted  Each bead is hand painted and initialed by the artist and fired for permanence.
Glass Frit   Unique mixtures of colored glass chips are fired into solid glass colors.
Glassato   Sparkling coralene glass is melted into multihued beads.  A five hour workout in the tumbler assures their durability.
Vasa Murrhina   The Fenton Art Glass treatment from the 1970s lives again in wearable art. 
Aurora   Swirls of color and gold create a shimmering aura. 
Three Dimensional   "Painting" with molten glass becomes dimensional art jewelry.  Tumbled for five hours to assure durability.  
Lilac Time
He Loves Me
Butterfly Blessings
Nostalgic Cherries and Blossoms
Rosebuds on Rosalene
Bouquet of Sunshine
Paper Roses
Milk Glass Hobnail
English Lavender 
Blue Lagoon
Blue Iris
Frosted Berries
Sweet Pea
Santa Fe Morning
Joy of the Morning
Among the Violets
Butterfly In Blooms
Plumes Noir
Lavender Roses
$35.00 USD
$35.00 USD
$35.00 USD
$39.50 USD
$39.50 USD
$39.50 - 45.00 USD
The Birds and Bees and More   Handpainted masterwoks in miniature from Fenton Artists.  Each bead is initialed by the artist who painted it.    
$45.00 USD
Cardinal on Pine
Bzzz...Bumble Bee
Fluffy Baby Blue Jay
Robin on Forsythia
Adirondack Beads
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ADK with "Country Roads" Bear
ADK with Moose Bead
ADK Bead with Canoe
(both sides shown)
Melancholy Loon 
Adirondack Chair
Adirondack Cabin
Adirondack Glass Bead Collection  Each bead is hand painted and initialed by the artist and fired for permanence
$45.00 USD
Tree of Life Bead
ADK Hikers Bead